Balqis crying: “Behind the successful Bilqis … difficulties and frustration”


The Gulf artist, Balqis, caught the eye after she for the first time abandoned the manifestations of strength and courage, and revealed the true face of the stars of art who face harsh wars and conspiracies, and they must appear before the public with strength and a smile, asking everyone not to be deceived by their external appearance.

She cried deeply when she remembered her mother’s support for her to appear strong and coherent in front of her audience, despite what she was suffering from frustrations and wars, and she said in a distinguished conversation with Anas Bukhash: “I grew up in a house where the mother was a father, mother, sister and everything.”
She added, “My mother was not shown in the media, but my mother was behind the scenes and witnessed all of that, and I do not think any possible one behind the scenes will see what my mother saw with me.”
She cried again and continued: “I do not know how to thank her, and I am very sorry for every time I upset her. She is everything to me, and I should have always listened to her, and I am sorry that I did not listen to much of her words.”
And she continued: “Everyone sees Balqis on the stage with her distinctive, successful and wonderful appearance, and everyone is happy to look at her, but no one knows that all of this is a mask that hides many problems, frustrations, wars, talk on social media, harmful media, and rumors that afflict us with health and psychological crises.”


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