Ashraf Qassem: I hope to face Al-Ahly in the cup final


Ashraf Qasim, a member of the Zamalek Football Committee and the supervisor of the team, revealed the fact that the White Castle is interested in joining the duo of Al-Ahly, Saleh Jumaa and Ahmed Al-Sheikh, after they left the Red Castle list for the new season. M: Saleh Jumaa and Ahmed Al-Sheikh are two distinguished players, in addition to any team, but matters are up to the technical director, because I will not include a player who will not play mainly, and we will not talk about this matter without the coach’s opinion.

He added: Technically, after the last Al-Ahly and Zamalek match, we hope that we will face Al-Ahly in the final of the Cup, after the African Champions League was kidnapped from us, and the cup matches have no standards and may be hijacked in a second, the issue does not have any fear.

He continued: Everyone is now talking in one direction, which is to provide a stable environment for the team in order to win championships and overcome obstacles, and pay dues, and this is what I personally requested that it is necessary to provide dues, and to renew contracts for major players, especially professionals such as Sassi and Mustafa Muhammad, and some players were promised to increase their contracts .

He concluded: I will set a list for the new season with penalties and rewards, and there has been no conversation with Sassi and Ashraf Bin Sharqi about receiving any offers, we do not want there to be a disruption of the team because of the Egypt Cup and after the tournament we talk about this matter.


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