An American analyst: The North Korean leader and his family received an experimental Chinese vaccine against “Corona”


An American analyst confirmed today (Tuesday), citing two unnamed Japanese intelligence sources, that China has provided an experimental vaccine against the Corona virus to North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and his family.

Harry Kazianis, an expert on North Korea at the National Interest Research Center in Washington, said that members of the Kim family and a number of senior North Korean officials had received the vaccine. He added that it was not clear who was the company that provided the vaccine to the Kim family and whether or not it had proven safe.

Kazianis wrote an article for the “19 Forty Five” website, in which he said: “Kim Jong Un and a number of other senior officials from his family and the leadership network were vaccinated against Corona virus during the past two or three weeks using a possible vaccine provided by the Chinese government.”

The American medical expert, Peter J. Hotez, was quoted as saying that no less than three Chinese companies are working on developing a vaccine against the Corona virus, namely “Sinovac Biotech”, “Can Sino Bayou” and “Sinopharm Group.”

“Sinopharma” said that nearly a million people in China have used its potential vaccine, although it is not known that any of the three companies have publicly begun the third phase of clinical trials of their drugs.

North Korea has not confirmed any cases of Coronavirus infection, but South Korean intelligence said that an outbreak cannot be ruled out due to the trade and human exchange between it and China – where the epidemic first appeared – before the borders were closed in late January.

Last month, Microsoft said that two North Korean hacking groups attempted to infiltrate a network of companies developing the vaccine in several countries, without specifying the target companies. Sources told «Reuters» that among these companies, AstraZeneca, Britain.

And South Korean intelligence said last week that it had thwarted attempts by North Korea to infiltrate companies manufacturing “Covid-19” vaccine in South Korea.


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