American heavy weapon on the demarcation negotiating table: waiver or sanctions


The surprise request of the United States of America to postpone the session of indirect negotiations to demarcate the borders that was supposed to take place yesterday was not transient. A demand that coincided with Washington’s mobilization of the tools and people possible to tighten the screws on the resistance, by striking all of Lebanon and taking it to total collapse. From sanctions, to the “Caesar Act”, and the current threat to punish parties and parties known for their friendship with the Americans, under the pretext of their coexistence with Hezbollah. Suddenly, the American diplomacy decided to freeze the negotiation project that it had worked on its own engineering in the past years. The stated goal is to bring the Lebanese and Israeli points of view closer together and create a common base to start again, after Lebanon’s position demanding more than the area that the enemy considered as contesting (863 square kilometers) raised the ire of the Israelis, while what the US shuttle diplomacy carried to Lebanese officials was entitled: Lebanon is to withdraw its demand for an area of ​​2,200 kilometers in the sea, and return to the disputed area, that is, the 863 kilometers, that is, the area between the two points: Point 1 (the line that the enemy deposited with the United Nations in 2010) and the 23 (the line that was Declared by Lebanon) before his claim for an additional 1,430 kilometers, noting that Lebanon is claiming its right, and the maps in its possession show its sovereignty over the area that is claimed.The US ambassador to Beirut, Dorothy Shea, began the threatening speech in recent days, urging to use the weapon of sanctions in negotiations to put pressure on Lebanon. According to sources following the file, they have sent official Lebanese officials a clear threat: “Sticking to the recent Lebanese proposal obstructs the negotiations, and any person involved in obstructing the negotiations will be subject to sanctions.”
The American negotiating mediator, Ambassador John Deroche, who started his visit to Lebanon yesterday by meeting with the President of the Republic General Michel Aoun, carried the same message, but in a less severe tone. Sources familiar with the atmosphere of the meeting, which he attended from the American side, along with Deroche, Shea and Political Adviser Audrey Kiranen, and from the Lebanese side, former Minister Salim Jreissati, Director General of the Presidency of the Republic Antoine Choucair, and advisers Osama Khashab and Brigadier General Boulos Matar, indicated that «the tone he used The Americans were not sharp ». They demanded a return to the Hove line, while Aoun stressed that “Lebanon wants the negotiations to succeed, because this strengthens stability in the south and enables the investment of natural resources, such as gas and oil.” He said that “the difficulties that emerged in the last round of negotiations can be overcome through in-depth research based on international rights and the articles of the law of the sea,” stressing that “the Lebanese negotiating delegation has clear instructions on its basis,” pointing to the need to continue these negotiations, to achieve The purpose of conducting it ». Al-Akhbar learned that Aoun relied on a map of an old British aerial survey that would strengthen the Lebanese position and not violate the law of the sea.
The same Lebanese answer was heard by the American delegate during his meeting with the negotiating Lebanese delegation, as well as in his meeting with the Armed Forces Commander General Joseph Aoun, in his office in Yarze, in the presence of the head of the delegation, Brigadier General Bassam Yassin.

Aoun: The difficulties that emerged in the last round of negotiations can be overcome

Although the Lebanese side, until now, is trying to absorb this American attack to pass what is left to the late US administration, and not fall into the trap of what Israel wants, informed sources confirmed that “the American threat was very serious and high, and there is a threat to impose close sanctions on any A person clings to an area of ​​2,200 square kilometers, under the pretext that this adherence obstructs the negotiations. Not only that, but “the threat reaches the point of linking demarcation, as the Americans want it (and Israel, implicitly), to the economic and financial tightening of the screws more and more.”
And here the sources stopped, two issues related to this file. These two issues are: First, the escalation of security tension, starting with the assassination of the Iranian nuclear scientist Mohsenzadeh, up to the Israeli maneuvers on the northern borders, the Israeli alert on the northern front, and the intensification of the movement of Israeli aircraft in the Lebanese airspace, at very low levels and for long periods. Secondly, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s insistence on investing in US President Donald Trump until the last day of the White House, in order to pressure Lebanon to collect the concessions that can be obtained in the demarcation file, and perhaps post-demarcation agreements, amounting to “normalization under water” “By distributing the oil wealth through single companies operating in common reservoirs on the borders between Lebanon and occupied Palestine, as Netanyahu considers that what can be obtained now through the pressure of the current US administration, it will certainly not be available with the Biden administration.

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