After its new mandatory terms … Find out about the best alternatives to WhatsApp


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After its new mandatory conditions … Find out about the best alternatives to WhatsApp, today Saturday 5 December 2020 04:04 PM

The American company “Facebook” is preparing to update the “terms of use” of its messaging application, WhatsApp WhatsApp, Which will be officially implemented on February 8, 2021, according to “timesnownews” website.
According to a report published by the site “Wabetainfo”, which specializes in monitoring the experimental advantages of WhatsApp, that the rules of “واتساب“The new one will be compulsory for all users of the messaging service, and in the event that the users of the messaging application do not agree to the upcoming new privacy rules, they may lose access to the instant messaging platform, which means that users will be forced to accept the new terms or delete the application from their phones.”

If you are a user of “WhatsApp” and do not agree to its new terms to continue using the application, you will have to search for another alternative to the popular messaging application, as there are many competing messaging applications, along with the modified versions of the messaging service.

Below we present to you the best alternative messaging apps for WhatsApp, which provide a powerful messaging service similar to a social messaging app:

1. Telegram application:

The Telegram application is the strongest competitor to the WhatsApp application, thanks to some of the powerful features it provides, and the original Russian application provides security and privacy features such as the encryption feature, in addition to the feature of hidden messages, which is the latest feature of WhatsApp, in addition to the feature to permanently delete the chat from both sides.

2. Signal:

In addition to ease of use, sending text messages and making voice and video calls, similar to WhatsApp, the Signal instant messaging application provides a “self-disappearing message” feature, in addition to a feature called Screen Security, which allows the other party to take screenshots of your conversations. In the application.

3. Threema application:

The Threema application offers the most privacy and security features in messaging applications, including not collecting its users’ data as all communications are end-to-end encrypted, and in addition, the application is available for free without the need to pay anything, and it saves and stores private contact lists. You and group information only in your phone, not on its servers over the Internet.


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