A shocking study … no coronavirus vaccine is 100 percent effective


Friday 4 December 2020 09:24 PM

A window on the world – A recent study conducted by researchers at the University of Bath in Britain revealed that there is no emerging corona virus vaccine that is 100% effective, because people’s immune systems differ greatly from person to person, which causes their effectiveness to vary.

The preliminary results of the clinical trials of the study show that the effectiveness of the Coronavirus vaccines that most countries put forward was not 100% effective for all people who underwent them and prevented symptoms of the Coronavirus Covid-19; It ranged from 62 percent to 95 percent.
And the researchers reported that, until now, the effectiveness of a Corona virus vaccine had not reached 100 percent, which makes it confusing Whereas, with the advent of the Coronavirus vaccine, experts believed that this new vaccine provides better protection than many other vaccines.

Dr. Andrew Preston, a reader in microbial pathology at the University of Bath, said that no efficacy of any Corona virus vaccine has exceeded 70 or 90 percent, according to what was published in the British newspaper “Daily Mail”.

The results of the study highlighted that the effectiveness rates of the Coronavirus vaccine mean that nine out of ten people who are vaccinated will not become ill with the Covid-19 virus if they are exposed to it; Where the vaccine does not prevent infection, but it prevents the emergence of symptoms of the disease if infected.

Dr. Will Irving, professor of virology at the University of Nottingham, explained that vaccines work by creating a “memory” for the disease in the event that the immune system contacts it again, which causes the immune system to recognize the disease and lead to a “larger and longer-lasting response”, which means that it is not Has a chance to install it and cause symptoms.

Irving added that when developing any vaccine, clinical trials are conducted to find out whether it is effective or ineffective, and how good it is, by trying it on a group of animals for the experiments that they are vaccinated with.

However, the researchers confirmed, that they did not find the effectiveness of any vaccine reached 100%. As it is impossible to achieve because the human makeup is very different from the animal.

The researchers indicated, that a weak immune system, and obesity, can also affect our response to the Corona virus vaccine; In that the flu and pneumonia vaccines, which are aimed largely at the elderly, contain adjuvants, which are compounds that enhance the immune response to the vaccine, which means that we are more likely to produce antibodies and protection.

Dr. Preston explains that obesity creates an inflammatory state in the body and he believes that the increased inflammatory state may deplete the immune system, making it less able to respond to vaccines, so vaccination will not only stop the symptoms in the individual, but it can also stop the spread of the disease.

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