“A resounding surprise”, the events of the prestige series, the response, episode 26, the fourth part, in full, via Shahid Net and MBC 4


The prestige series Response Part IV, Episode 26, MBC 4 and a group of other Arab satellite channels and the Shahid Net website, yesterday, Wednesday, presented the twenty-fifth episode of the Lebanese-Syrian joint series “Al-Hiba” season four, which is called “The Reply” starring artist Tim Hassan, The episode witnessed a lot of exciting and hot events that made the episode achieve high and very high viewing rates throughout the Arab world, and through our website and through this article we will provide you with a daily summary of all the events of the prestige series in its new season, and we will also give you the date of showing the series to all Channels.

The events of the series prestige response

One of the most important events in the previous episode of the prestige series was the flare-up of the conflict between the Sheikh of Jabal and the men of “Al-Nimr”, where the Sheikh of Jabal made a revolution with his men against the tiger and his men who trade drugs and poisons and sell them to people. The episode also witnessed “Rania” showing her love Jebel’s strongest for Jabal and his personal exchange of her with the same feeling and emotion and shows her great love for her, just as the previous episode of prestige witnessed the failure of “Rania” to try to leave the house of Sheikh Jabal, and also the episode witnessed Ali saving Shaheen’s life during the huge explosion that occurred in the house, and Ali hopes for To forgive Shaheen and not take revenge on him after he saved his life.

Follow-up prestige series 4 episode 26

Today, Thursday evening, MBC4 and Shahid Net will show the twenty-sixth episode of the famous series “prestige”, season four, and the episode will be shown at exactly ten in the evening, local time.


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