A research paper exploring bullying against postmenopausal women: “The term menopause means the end.”


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The Cairo Foundation for Development and the Law has issued a research paper on reproductive and sexual health services for women after childbearing age, under the slogan “# Health_ Her Right” and “#Safety_Menopausal”, as part of the 16 Days Campaign Against Violence Against Women in order to advocate for women’s rights to access To the best possible sexual health services within the framework of international standards in order to reject violence against women, gender equality, and strive to empower them at the economic and social level, as the Cairo Foundation is one of the civil society institutions concerned with providing legal services to women.

The paper indicated that Egypt is among the countries in the world that aims to reduce the number of population, so it is among the most important countries that develop strategic plans to provide reproductive health services that aim to reduce fertility rates. One of the most important sectors in the Ministry of Health and Population in Egypt is the family planning sector, which is the government source. The first to provide contraceptive services and methods, in family planning clinics in basic care units across the Republic, and plays a pivotal role in providing technical support and supervising all family planning programs and clinics in the government sector, to ensure the provision of safe, effective and cost-effective services. Receive praise and applause from the target communities Despite this interest in reproductive health, there is a complete disregard for sexual health, according to what the study showed, in addition to the family planning program services provided to women and girls from the age of 15 to 49 years only in addition to the fact that information related to sexual health is not available in a way that contributes to improving the status of women. There is information that helps girls learn about their bodies, and the changes that happen to it as they develop in age also impair their ability to understand their orientations, sexual orientation, and also to deal with Here, according to scientific concepts that protect and preserve their human dignity and their right to choose.

The study also monitored the exposure of women of safety age (menopause – the period of menopause) to psychological violence, bullying after menopause, starting from the speech directed to them under the title (menopause) to the state of almost complete neglect of their medical care needs related to their sexual health from a distance. Menopause, according to what was monitored by the research paper, in addition to the absence of medical personnel in the health units that include the family planning program to deal with such cases, so society in all walks of life, even at the medical level, begins to use the term menopause, which involves declaring the end of the role of women in Society, centering on their ability to have children and thus declaring them expired in society, followed by the absence of services related to their sexual health and the changes accompanying menopause, and due care at the physical and psychological level for women. This is according to what the study observed from women.

The study recommended that in light of the great need of society to stop gender-based violence and strive for gender equality in order to achieve the goals of sustainable development, a number of criteria that can contribute to achieving development goals must be worked on, including the need for the state to recognize the right of girls and boys to receive information. Scientifically and safely about their sexual rights, and working to provide a safe environment inside schools to receive information related to sexual health. And training medical service providers on sexual rights and raising their competence and capabilities in this regard, in addition to providing services related to sexual health along with services related to reproductive health within the family planning sector centers of the Ministry of Health and Population. 5 Include services related to sexual health after menopause within the family planning sector of the Ministry of Health and Population.

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