A love story that challenges life and the pitfalls of life in ‘Gaza Monamur’


The events begin when Jesus, who works as a fisherman, admires Siham, who works in a clothing shop, but before he approaches her, he stumbles upon a hunting trip on a statue of the god Apollo, which puts him in trouble with the authority.

The two directors use the statue to bring about paradox and projection together because Apollo is the sun god of the Greeks, and Jesus found him drowned off the coast of Gaza, and in mythology, luck was found in love, which is also the case of the hero of the film.

While the story of the love of Jesus and Saham and the problem of the archaeological statue tops the scene, the scene of events, whether the limited fishing area off the coast of Gaza, the market, the police station, or the house of Siham, which has no electricity for only a few hours a day, becomes mirrors that reflect a contemporary picture of the city and its state, which drives With Issa’s best friend, to look for a smuggler to travel abroad illegally.

The film has a great deal of lightness and is distinguished by its music, which played a pivotal role in expressing the content of its characters and changing their moods according to three levels, the first is ancient Arab music represented by clips from the songs of some of the great late singers, the second international classical music, and the third is music composed specifically for events. Developed by a German musician.

After its premiere in the Middle East and North Africa on Thursday at the Cairo International Film Festival, the film was met with approval from the audience, who applauded long for its manufacture, and the hero of the work, Salim Daou, was also highly praised.


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