A jump in the fortunes of America’s rich by more than a trillion dollars thanks to Corona


At a time when the number of poor people in the world increases, especially after the outbreak of the Corona epidemic, which exacerbated the suffering of many economic sectors.

The combined wealth of US billionaires has jumped by more than a trillion dollars since the start of the Corona epidemic early this year, and the largest increase was the share of billionaire “Alon Mask”, founder and president of Tesla Motors.

According to a report issued today, Tuesday, by the “Institute for Policy Studies”; The list included 650 billionaires, including 47 new billionaires, while 11 men left the list of billionaires due to their declining wealth.

The report showed; The wealth of the richest man in the world, billionaire “Jeff Bezos”, founder of the giant “Amazon” US online shopping giant, jumped by $ 69.4 billion between March 17 and November 24, to reach $ 182.4 billion.
The billionaire’s fortune, “Alon Musk,” recorded the largest increase in the list, reaching about 414%, raising his fortune from 24.6 billion to 126.2 billion dollars, making him the second richest man in the world.

Apple founder Bill Gates’s fortune jumped 21.8% from about $ 98 billion to $ 119.4 billion, while the fortune of Facebook founder Mark Zuckelberg rose by 85.9% from about $ 54.7 billion to $ 101.67 billion, and the wealth of American investor Warren Buffett grew. By 30.8%, from 67.5 billion to about 88.3 billion dollars.

The report pointed out that the total wealth of the rich in that list increased from about $ 2,947 trillion to $ 3.956 trillion, and it constituted about 3.5% of the total wealth and private savings of Americans, and nearly twice the wealth of less wealthy American families, which accounted for about 50% of the total of American families. .


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