A hug, a boss and a scandalous clothes .. “Watch” Ahmed El-Fishawy and his wife stir up controversy at the opening of the Cairo Film Festival


Egyptian artist Ahmed returned Al-Feshawi To cause controversy he and his wife Nada full On the “red carpet” at the opening Cairo Film Festival Its fourth session.

As usual, as he did in previous versions of the festival, the Egyptian artist embraced and kissed his wife in front of the photographers’ lenses, while she appeared wearing revealing clothes that exposed her thighs.

Al-Fishawi and his wife Nada Al-Kamel were the talk of the media on social media after exchanging kisses and hugs on the red carpet. During the opening ceremony of the 40th Cairo International Film Festival.
And recently, Egyptian newspapers reported a big quarrel between the artist Ahmed Al-Fishawi And his wife, Nada Al-Kamel, in a nightclub on a floating ship in the Zamalek area, which prompted the artist to come out and respond.
The sources said that the quarrel between al-Fishawi and his wife lasted more than half an hour.
And she indicated that al-Fishawi tried, after a number of the audience gathered, to calm the situation, but his attempts were unsuccessful.
And the artist’s wife left the nightclub to continue her evening in another place on the same boat. But he insisted on reconciling with her and went after her, but his attempt also failed.
The sources said that Nada Al-Kamel got out of the scene to get into her car, amid Ahmed al-Fishawi insisting for the third time to leave behind, as he stood in front of the car to start the car and push him back to fall on the ground.
Those statements about the quarrel prompted “Al-Fishawi” to come out with a response, as he described this news as “any talk.”
He confirmed that his relationship with his wife, Nada Al Kamel, is good, and that it is not flawless.

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