A dismissive comment raises questions from Haifa Wehbe … Did she mean her daughter? (picture)


Actress Haifa Wehbe sparked a wave of controversy due to a comment she posted on the comics feature “Stories” on her own account on “Instagram.”“.

And in it Haifa wrote: “Going far away, Hida installed the accessories on my shoulder for everyone who thinks that after him he is able to see them,” with a symbol indicating rejection. After this, the post transmitted a number of active accounts on the application, which allowed followers to comment, where they asked whether this was in response to statements made by her daughter Zainab during an interview with her in an episode of the program AND Airbender who displays on mbc4.

She said that her mother is the reason for her popularity on social media, and added: “If God loves a slave, his servants love him and his servants love my mother.”.

Before this, Zainab responded to a follow-up, accusing her of exploiting her mother’s fame and writing: “My mother will keep her from using anything from your mother.” This controversy came after she posted a video in which she appeared, accompanied by her daughter, performing one of the artist’s songs.

On this matter, she commented to the program itself: “It is enough that my intention has reached the person concerned … I am happy to talk well about this matter, but there are some people who let their imaginations go away and began to analyze the lyrics of the song and apply it to my personal life and this matter shocked me a lot.”


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