$ 12 million fine on Apple


The Italian Competitiveness Authority imposed a fine of 10 million euros (about 12 million dollars) on Apple for making misleading commercial claims about water resistance of several iPhone models.

The Italian authority indicated that the giant American group in the field of technology did not clarify that these features only appear “in some specific circumstances”, for example during laboratory experiments with the use of fresh water “and not in normal conditions of use.”

The decision is related to the iPhone models, “8”, “8 Plus”, “XR”, “XS”, “XS Max”, “11”, “11 Pro” and “11 Pro Max”.

In a related context, the authority considered that Apple’s indication that the smart phone warranty does not cover damages caused by liquids would “mislead consumers”, especially since it does not clarify the “conditions and limits” related to the resistance of the concerned devices to water.

The Italian authority also criticized Apple’s refusal to provide after-sales services within the warranty of these models of “iPhone” when it was damaged due to the entry of liquid materials to it, considering it an “offensive commercial practice.”

In addition to the 10 million euro fine, Apple is required to publish part of the decision on its official website.


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