Zamalek Association in Dammam prepares for the African Summit .. Video


A video clip spread on social media for Zamalek fans in Dammam, Saudi Arabia, while preparing for the Al-Ahly and Zamalek match scheduled for tomorrow in the African Champions League final, and the video showed a group of Zamalek fans as they printed encouraging banners.

On the other hand, the Portuguese Jaime Pacheco, technical director of the first football team at Zamalek club, spoke with his players about the summit match scheduled for tomorrow in the African Champions League final, and the Portuguese warned Zamalek players not to obtain yellow or red cards during the course of the match, assuring them that the case of expulsion may be It affects morally and technically on the rest of the team members.

Pacheco also called on his players after submitting to the provocations of Al-Ahly players if they occurred so that the players would not deviate from their focus during the events of the match.

Pacheco, Zamalek’s coach, gave special instructions to Islam Jaber, the midfielder of the team, after the Portuguese decided to push him in the next match against Al-Ahly in the left-back center, due to the absence of Abdullah Jumah due to his infection with the Corona virus.

Pacheco spoke with Islam Jaber about not Sarhan and interacting with offensive play only without performing the defensive duty, Pacheco also asked Jaber to support the left wing of Zamalek Ahmed Sayed Zizou in offensive duties, but he stressed that the defensive role is the most important in tomorrow’s match.

In a different context, Hazem Imam, the right-back of the Zamalek team, is undergoing a medical test at the training session today, to ensure that he can join tomorrow’s match against Al-Ahly in the African Champions League final, which will be held tomorrow at Cairo Stadium, in light of the team’s need to be on the match list at least in light of the absence The presence of a right-back in Zamalek, unlike Hazem Imam and Ahmed Eid, and Hazem Imam suffers from a strain in the front muscle, unlike his recent recovery from infection with the Corona virus.


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