Zainab Fayyad’s first response after the “spontaneous video” controversy .. Did you mean to offend her mother? (Video)


In the first direct response to the uproar that occurred after posting a video clip with her daughter on the Instagram application, Zainab Fayyad, the daughter of Haifa Wehbe, confirmed that she published the clip with her youngest daughter because of her admiration for the song, which carries a positive energy with its melody, in addition to Daniela loves and sings it all the time at home .

She explained in an interview with Et Arabic that she did not pay attention to the meaning of the song’s lyrics and did not mean to offend or any of the news that it was directed at her mother, denying that she intended to offend her.

And settled during the call, saying, “The important message has reached the person concerned, and I will not mention his name. I will only say the person concerned and he will understand.”

This response came after she posted a spontaneous video clip, while she and her daughter Daniela sang the sweet song “Tota Tuta”, one of Haifa’s songs. Although the clip was very spontaneous and was greatly admired by the audience and was widely circulated, it sparked widespread controversy and left many questions about the return of the relationship between the young woman and her mother.


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