YouTube hits young content creators


The company will seek to treat user payments as US tax revenue

A heavy blow was received by small content creators on YouTube, with the platform announcing an update of its terms of services, and displaying its ads on video clips for these people without giving them part of the advertising profits due to their absence in the partner program. After the creators of videos on small channels used to get a percentage of the profits when they gained high viewership rates, it seems that this matter is over today, with this update, but still, they can register for the YouTube Partner Program, when the number of subscribers reaches them. To 1,000 subscribers, and public viewing hours to 4 thousand, over the past year. Withholding profits will not be the only one on the YouTube record. Rather, the company will impose that users’ payments are treated as US tax revenues, and this will mean that it will deduct taxes from these funds, unless the content creators have paid the necessary taxes. Also within the update policy is to prohibit the collection of facial recognition data through this platform. Indeed, these changes have taken effect in the United States of America, and will spread to the rest of the world in the middle of next year. The series of updates caused anger among young YouTube content makers, with the latter being accused of using these channels to display ads without obtaining financial returns, and requiring certain percentages of views to give these profits.


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