“You do not represent me as an Egyptian citizen” – Newspaper Norte


Posted by artist ” Mohammed Adaweya A post by him on his account on the social networking site “Facebook”, through which he attacked the artist. Mohamed Ramadan After circulating a picture of him embracing an Israeli singer named Omer Adam ” .

Adawiya expressed in his post his displeasure and condemnation of his behavior Mohamed Ramadan Considering that he does not represent him as an Egyptian citizen, he wrote: “I love to send a very short message to Number and that you do not represent me as an Egyptian citizen will leave you with stardom, my name and the title.”

And he continued: “When you were sent me a year ago to make you work, a series was repeated, and I rejected it in form and theme, because I am a man with respect to my art.

و .ضاف Mohammed Adaweya : “After the last photo that the official page of Israel spoke about, you speak Arabic, first and foremost, do not represent me as an Egyptian. You represent yourself only.”


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