Xbox Series X production is larger than S, but that strategy may change in the future


Regardless of the raging war due to The difference is clear in the performance of some titles on the new generation devices Contrary to what was promoted in the period leading up to the launch date, Microsoft and Sony are celebrating the perfect launch of the 9th generation devices as all available copies have run out and the main reason is the lack of production. In late summer.

In an interview with The VergePhil Spencer revealed that the actual production of Xbox Series X / S platforms did not begin until late summer as the company had to wait for a specific technology from AMD to be produced, and he also revealed that the company produced more Series X gaming devices than Series S, and possibly This isn’t too surprising as stores have been reported to receive more devices from the main platform compared to its younger sister, however, Spencer has indicated in the past that he believes the Series S will be the biggest seller in the long term, and says that this percentage will likely be re-evaluated. With the passage of time.

The Xbox chief believes that the main factor in sales of gaming devices is related to pricing, and therefore believes that Series S has a huge future, as happened with many gaming devices in the past, which will be reflected in the production of the platform in the coming period according to demand.

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