World Health Organization: 70% of the population needs to be vaccinated against Corona


Geneva – Qena:
The World Health Organization confirmed that immunizing the world’s population from infection with the Coronavirus (Covid-19 /) requires vaccination of about 70 percent of them, stressing that reaching this percentage of vaccinations “is necessary to reduce infection with the virus in the future.”
Dr. Catherine O’Brien, head of the vaccination department at the World Health Organization, said in a press conference that between 60 and 70 percent of the world’s population must be vaccinated against the Corona virus to limit the spread of infection with this disease, indicating that vaccinating this number “is the only one that can stop Future spread of the virus. ”
She explained that, if this percentage of vaccination is achieved, many people will obtain the necessary immunity, and they will protect others from contracting the virus, noting that it always depends on the exact location of the virus, and the size of the protective wall from it within the community.
O’Brien also mentioned that the results of the studies that have been completed since the outbreak of the pandemic showed that reaching this percentage of vaccinations among the world’s population “has become necessary to achieve collective immunity within societies and is guaranteed to accelerate the process of surrounding the disease.” But she warned that the number of people who will be vaccinated “is not It is the only decisive factor in containing the disease, but more studies are required to understand the nature of this virus that is capable of mutating.
It is worth noting that many international companies specialized in the pharmaceutical industry announced in recent days that they had reached the production of vaccines against the Corona virus (Covid-19 /), and they are awaiting the necessary permits to enter their manufacturing processes before they are marketed, confirming that the effectiveness of these vaccines has reached rates ranging between 90 and 95 percent.


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