Without Samsung phones … a clever trick to run Android apps on Windows 10


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Without Samsung phones … a clever trick to run Android apps on Windows 10, Friday November 13, 2020 11:06 PM

Android phone users can currently access mobile applications directly via Computers Which is running on Windows 10, thanks to Microsoft’s Your Phone app update for all its users last August.
According to the technology site “cnet”, the latest version of the operating system is Microsoft Which was released this month will allow you to run many Android mobile applications on your Windows 10 computer, and the supported Samsung devices that were announced last August.

Although this feature is only available for new Samsung phones, there is another way to run Android operating system applications on a computer, here we show you how to do so:

– The steps required to run Android apps on the computer running the operating system Windows 10:

1. A computer running Windows 10 with October 2019 release or later.

2. Download the latest version of the Your Phone and Link to Windows app. On your phone.

3. To complete the process, you will need a smartphone running Android 9 or later for Link to Windows integration.

4. The last step is that your phone and computer must be on the same Wi-Fi network for the feature to work.

How to run Android apps on a Windows 10 computer:

1. After completing the installation processes of the previous applications, log in to your Microsoft account via the Your Phone application, on your computer and do the same step on the Your Phone application on your phone.

2. Click on the “Link to Windows” option from the application.

3. After completing the process of linking the two devices, press the Applications button on the left menu to display all the applications installed on your device.

4. Choose the application you want to use and start controlling it using the mouse and keyboard.


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