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  • Omar El-Kady: «Al-Mutawa and Al-Qadhi» is keen to distinguish its customers in the Kuwaiti market by offering the latest models
  • Abo Al-Hoda: The launch of the vehicles coincides with the title of “JD Power” for excellence and quality
  • Yang Sen: “China Structural Engineering Co., Ltd.” is keen to participate in giant projects

A new journey launched by Al-Mutawa and Al-Qadhi, the authorized and exclusive distributor of GAC cars in the Kuwaiti market, as it unveiled the GA8, GS5 and GN6 2021 models in its showrooms.

In a virtual ceremony, “Al-Mutawa and Al-Qadi” held a ceremony to launch the new models at the GAC exhibition at Al-Tilal Commercial Complex in Shuwaikh, in the presence of the Group CEO Omar Suleiman Al-Qadi, the General Manager of Sales and Marketing Ahmed Abu Al-Hoda, and the President of the Chinese Engineering Construction Company in the Middle East. Yang Sheng Sen.

On the occasion of the launch of the new models, Omar Suleiman Al-Qadi, CEO of Al-Mutawa and Al-Qadhi, said that GAC demonstrates once again its ability to successfully face challenges and satisfy its customers by introducing new models that keep pace with developments in the world of leadership.

He added that «Al-Mutawa and Al-Qadhi» is keen to distinguish its customers in the Kuwaiti market, pointing out that the introduction of the all-new “GS5”, “GN6” and “GA8” models in its showrooms coincides with its keenness to give customers the best offers and benefits in the market, stressing that The coming period will witness the launch of more models within the framework of the huge investments made by the Chinese brand in all types of cars.

Al-Kady stated that the three new cars constitute the latest innovations of the “GAC” in the world of driving, and they are divided into the categories of sedans, “SUV” and family vehicles, expressing his pride and pride in the existing partnership between “Al-Mutawa and Al-Qadi” and “GAC” that has proven Its position among the best car manufacturers in China and the world, which provided vehicles with international specifications and high quality, embodied in it years of experience during which it presented a wide range of cars with its multiple specifications.

For his part, General Manager of Sales and Marketing at Al-Mutawa and Al-Qadi Ahmed Abu Al-Hoda said that because most customers prefer SUV cars, the long-awaited “GS5” is available today with a distinctive dynamic design and a spacious interior equipped with the latest technology, while the “GN6” car is distinguished. »The family par excellence, with an elegant and functional interior that provides comfort for seven passengers.

He added that the introduction of 3 new models reflects the ability of “GAC” to successfully face challenges, and reflects its great confidence in the capabilities of “Al-Mutawa and Al-Qadi” and in the Kuwaiti market, which is considered one of the important markets in the Middle East for GAC, confirming its success in facing the challenges of the virus. Corona the new, and continue its work on launching modern models that satisfy all customers.

He pointed out that GAC won the JD Power Award for Excellence and Quality for the eighth consecutive year recently, which reflects its continued investments in keeping pace with global developments in the world of leadership.

He affirmed the commitment of “Al-Mutawa and Al-Qadhi” to distinguish customers in the Kuwaiti market, provide the best prices and exclusive offers that suit the needs and requirements of customers in Kuwait, and give them the opportunity to obtain exclusive benefits.

And he stressed that “GAC” continues to work on development and innovation, as the “EnLight” electric car, which is unique in the automotive world in the Middle East, has been allocated for exclusive presentation and display at Al-Mutawa and Al-Qadi showrooms, in a new affirmation of its priority in displaying and providing all and latest models. In the Kuwaiti market in particular.

He pointed out that “GAC” has entered a new era in the automotive industry, by focusing primarily on innovation and achieving technological breakthroughs in the automotive industry, at a time when Al-Mutawa and Al-Qadi showrooms owns many dazzling models of high quality, which distinguishes them from competitors. In the market.

For his part, the head of the Chinese State Company for Structural Engineering Ltd., Yang Sheng Sen, said that the company started working in Kuwait from the new headquarters project of the Central Bank of Kuwait, the Kuwait University management center project, and others, indicating that it is trying to participate in many other giant projects within the local market. To contribute to the development and future of Kuwait.

He added that «GAC» is one of the largest manufacturers of engines from China, pointing out that it has witnessed great developments and provided a series of high-quality cars with advanced functions within a few years.

Sen added that “Al-Mutawa and Al-Qadi” is making great efforts to promote cars and quality production all over the world in Kuwait. He pointed out that it cooperated with “GAC” to make its cars very popular on the streets of Kuwait.

He revealed that the Chinese Companies Association in Kuwait was established in 2010 to help Chinese companies do business in Kuwait, and that Chinese companies have implemented more than 100 projects and promoted many products in the local market, covering construction, trade and logistics, telecommunications services, and industrial investment. , Financial services and others.

«GN6» … customer satisfaction

“GAC GN6” became a new star in “Al-Mutawa and Al-Qadi” exhibitions, distinguished by a modern and attractive design that reflects the “GAC” design language, to complement its models and attract the lights on all roads in Kuwait.

The “minivan” is an upscale, primarily intended for businessmen and high-end families, who are looking for a car with an exterior design that catches the eye without sacrificing performance, and blends elegance, strength and durability, to reflect the keenness of “GAC” and behind it “Al-Mutawa and Al-Qadi” to satisfy the desires of all Driving enthusiasts in the Kuwaiti market from all categories.

Integrated system in «GS5»

The new “GAC GS5” model 2021 has an integrated system of safety and security systems that make it a mobile protection fortress, the most important of which are dual front airbags, front side airbags, curtain side airbags, and all three-point seat belts.

The vehicle has the electronic stability program, the anti-lock braking system, the electric brake distribution “EBD”, the traction control system, the hydraulic brake system, the Hill Start Control and Hill Descent Control system.

The new vehicle has strong procedures to ensure distinguished leadership with the most advanced and efficient energy system in the world, embodying the global innovative renewable energy group, through the global GAC research and development network with tremendous efforts in modern technologies and applications.

“GA8” … elegance and distinction

The “GA8” 2021 model is equipped with an independent four-wheel suspension system made of aluminum alloy, which includes sensing guidance and precise identification, which makes it able to isolate the vibrations caused by the road, and the technology of the extended chassis platform flexibly, so that the structure was adjusted according to the highest international engineering designs Used in luxury cars, to provide a special comfort during the driving experience.

The car is characterized by an advanced and safe system of suspension and brakes, automatic in emergency situations, with its multi-level strategies, and a lane departure warning system, which activates automatically to detect the car’s deviation from its lane through an audio warning.


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