With new evidence … a study determines the effect of weather on the spread of Corona


With new evidence … a study determines the effect of weather on the spread of Corona

Wednesday – 18 Rabi Al-Awal 1442 AH – 04 November 2020 CE

A man wears a muzzle on a street in Britain (AFP)

Austin: “Middle East Online”

A new study found that the weather does not have a significant impact on the spread of the “emerging corona” virus, adding that travel is the largest driver of infection transmission.
According to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, the researchers, affiliated with the University of Texas, looked at how the virus spread in different areas between March 2020 and July 2020, to find that changes in temperature and humidity account for only 3% of cases of transmission. The virus, however, behavioral shifts that occur during the seasons, such as travel and the time people spend away from home, are responsible for up to 60% of these cases.
The study team says that the results provide evidence that warmer temperatures have no effect in reducing or stopping the spread of the virus, pointing out that the second wave of the virus appeared in the summer months.
Lead author Dr. Dave Newji said: “The impact of weather is very low regarding the outbreak of (Corona) infection, while human behavior, such as travel and mobility, has a much higher impact on that matter.”
“In terms of relative importance, the weather is one of the last criteria,” he added.
“We should not think of the crisis as something driven by weather and climate,” said study co-author Dr. Sajjad Jamshidi. We must take the necessary personal precautions, and control our human behavior. ”
The results of this new study differ from the results of a number of previous studies, which said that Corona infection, like other respiratory viruses such as influenza, is difficult to transmit in hot weather.
It is reported that the “emerging corona” virus has killed more than one million and 213 thousand people around the world, and infected about 4. 47 million cases as of this morning (Wednesday).


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