With “a third of the salary” … Arab doctors are fighting Corona on the “French front”


The meeting that took place in Marseille between French President Emmanuel Macron And the French Professor Didier Raoul, who called for the use of the drug “chloroquine” against the Corona virus while awaiting a vaccine, is a historical scene that testifies to the large presence of Arab medical competencies in French hospitals and laboratories, as it was found that most of the doctors and researchers accompanying the professor on the search for a drug are from The Maghreb countries, Lebanon and the countries of the Sahel.

Qais Rakik, Tunisian CPR, is one of those doctors who are in the front lines of facing COVID-19. He studied at the Faculty of Medicine in Tunis, and undertook specialized training in France in 2016. His distinction prompted his director to urge him to stay in France And practice his specialty inside the hospital where he conducted the training.

“France suffers from a great shortage of doctors, and the supply is much greater than the demand, especially in small cities, villages and marginal areas, and foreign doctors cover this shortage, which is not only represented in the number, but even in specialties that require a greater effort,” Al-Raqiq told Sky News Arabia. And night shifts, sleeplessness and fatigue, the French doctor chooses the easiest and closest specialties Hospitals To the center. “

However, what Qais considers “hypocrisy” is that the foreign doctor who does his entire work, gets treatment for the sick and night shifts “on a third of the salary of the French doctor, only because his testimony has not yet been equated,” he said.

He adds, “We are treated professionally like French doctors. We have the same burdens and perform the same duties. Our managers and patients bear witness to our high efficiency and dedication, but our monthly salary does not exceed 2000 euros. We work with work contracts that are renewed every six months, and therefore we must renew the residence card as well every six months.”

“The funny thing is that you are a doctor. You are not allowed to sign a death certificate or a patient exit permit because you are not a member of the Doctors Deanship.”

Equivalence of diplomas

Qais explains that more than 4,000 doctors participate in a written match that is organized for the sake of equation, so 600 doctors will be chosen.

And he adds: “I consider this selective match a stroke of luck. Whoever does not pass the test will return to the situation it was in, and whoever succeeds must work for another three years with the same conditions mentioned above as a doctor, then his file passes after that before a committee that may ask him to make additional training, especially in the specialties. “The critical and difficult one, after which his certificate would obtain European accreditation and then he would enjoy the same rights as a French doctor.”

On the other hand, the Tunisian doctor notes: “France recognized the great role played by this class of doctors during the confrontation with the spread of the Corona epidemic and decided to give those who were proven standing in the first rows an opportunity to equate their testimony in an easier way, as the door was opened at the beginning of the current month of November to present the accreditation files, That will be studied by local and national committees, and then the doctor passes before a committee that judges the equivalence of the certificate or the need for formation or training without undergoing a qualification match, but the date of the meeting with the committee remains far away, because the last deadline for submitting files only will be next summer.

Unions denounce the case of Arab doctors

And in this regard, the president of the National Syndicate of Medical Practitioners says testimony outside European Union In France, Salem Ould El Zein, speaking to “Sky News Arabia”: “The law of doctors passing before a committee instead of a selective match was voted in July 2019, but the epidemic andQuarantine Hindered from implementing the law and holding committee meetings. Consequently, thousands are still practicing without equation and without their full rights. “

The union activist continues that Algerian doctors top the list of foreign doctors practicing in this situation, followed by Moroccans, Tunisians and French-speaking Africans, and then Syrians and Lebanese. And their presence is concentrated in the university hospitals in Paris.

On the other hand, he confirms that French laws in this regard are the most complex compared to other European countries that facilitate foreign doctors obtaining the equation and practicing the profession comfortably. “We, within the Syndicate, demand that administrative procedures be speeded up and set dates for matches in a manner that is not delaying and prohibits the exploitation of medical competencies. The foreigner, who is in a cycle of waiting and waiting for many years. “

Resuscitation doctor Qais admits that the issue is related to time and patience, but he says regrettably, “Aql cannot accept that a doctor spend ten years studying and fight another ten years for accreditation and equivalence. This is a great material loss and a lifetime. We are tired of discrimination, and it is time. Time to change France’s long rulers. “


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