Why did Shadia retire from art and wear the veil? – (Video)


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“Al-Quds Al-Arabi”: Activists circulated on social media a rare video clip of the late artist Shadia after she made the decision to retire, and she tells the details of her decision.

Shadia said: “I wanted to retire before the play (Raya and Sakina), and my work consisted of two sweet needs. I sing and likewise, I can’t find songs in which I do a film of songs, I can’t find films I do a song, my life was full of my work and my work is the truth. Suddenly I started to have nothing that I like, And I started Axl a little, a novel that comes along, or I read it a little and let it go, so I thought to retire.

She added: “Circumstances have come, glory be to Him, the One who does all the circumstances. Hussein Kamal told him you do not do theater, I laughed and told him that I want to retire, what theater and what, I said my feet (Raya and Sakina) but, and I love (Raya) Oi and I met her in Films, a character that I liked, I said, well, I sent the novel and I see. I used the first chapter, the truth. When I read it, I found myself, I mean, I forgot every need and I want to do this novel. Indeed, we agreed that I would work for four months, but I entered it.

She continued: “I started here. Ahmed, our Lord, stayed and thanked him. He helped me in what theater? I used to go home at 3 o’clock at night, and as I took a shower or wash and the dawn would begin, I started to pray Fajr, I couldn’t pray Fajr, from here I started my journey, my work will not lead me a time if I pray and read the Qur’an and read about religion. From here I began to back down, I was staying with my mama in the apartment and I kept getting up at dawn, praying while I came, praying, reciting the Qur’an and being given, and I remained wanting to perform Hajj. I want O Lord to perform Hajj. It was possible for me to perform Hajj. God willing, I go to do the operation and go back to the Umrah at length.

She continued: “Then I met Ali Haykal, talked to me and said I want you to do a religious song about the birth of the Prophet. I found our Lord providing me with these sweet needs. I told him all along, I wish, and I did not feel happy, safe and comfortable as I sang at this party.”

And she continued: “Then I found me wanting to go Umrah again, and I went to Hajj, and then I found myself and I decided that I did not work in films and there was no need, but songs, and I started to recite songs, but I started getting anxious, I don’t know what anxiety this is, worry I’m unable to memorize. You are not able, and everything I like is something I want to close, and then I spoke to Professor Ahmed Shafiq Kamel.

I went on to say: “I closed the track with him and the other day I spoke to Sheikh Muhammad Al-Shaarawi, so I said to him, can I meet you, say Come, I went and said: I was between myself and myself I was promising our Lord Almighty if I sing religious songs. And what I went through in my life, praise be to God, but now I do not want to sing, I am not able to sing or anything, I want to veil and sit, so is this forbidden because I just made a promise and I will give up this promise, so usually I give it up? Qali: This is a million times better, but you are determined.

She concluded: “I was wearing the veil of Sheikh Al-Shaarawy. I got up from him and went down the stairs as if I was a 16-year-old girl, and God Almighty was 16 years old, exactly. I ran and afterwards Arabia was far away, but by walking and feeling the world, this is another need. I am another one and another need is pure. With this happiness, I am in Arabia and returned home, but after that the light remained and appeared in my life.


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