“While I grabbed the first, I knew I was missing the second” … Megan Markle reveals the backstage of her miscarriage | news


Former Canadian actress and current Duchess of Sussex, Megan Markle revealed behind the scenes that she had had a miscarriage last July, as she lost her second pregnancy.

Markle wrote in an article in the American Times newspaper, the content of her traumatic experience, which began as a surprise experience that occurred on a regular day in July, where she woke up, fed the dogs, took their vitamins, looked for one of her missing socks and curled her hair back, then took her son out of his bed.

Megan Markle added that she soon changed her baby’s nappy, until she felt a muscle pull that caused her unbearable pain, so she fell on the ground, bending over herself, and continued: “While I was holding my eldest son, I knew that I was losing the second.”

The Duchess of Sussex explained that she only saw herself on her hospital bed, and woke up to her husband’s tears that wet her palm, indicating that she preferred to narrate this tragic incident, believing in her and her husband in their role in raising awareness about the abortion incidents that are spreading in abundance, stressing that everyone should take care of asking about Conditions of each other always.

It is reported that Megan Markle and Prince Harry were married on May 19, 2018, and had their son in April 2019.
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