When the composers fled from the Nightingale .. Kamal al-Tawil became a composer because of Halim Khater


Sometimes friendship is an important factor in changing a person’s life and destiny and putting him on the first path to success, and this is how the friendship between the Asmar Nightingale Abdel Halim Hafez and musician Kamal al-Tawil was an important factor in the fate, life and success of each of them.

This is what Kamal al-Tawil explained in a rare article he wrote for Jumat al-Kawakeb in a rare issue published in 1957 under the title “The Syndicate of Musicians Opposed to Abdel Halim’s Work and All Composers Evaded Him”, and he explained in this article how his friendship with the Nightingale affected the fate of each of them, as he became a composer for The eyes of his friend to put Abdel Halim on the first path to fame.

Kamal Al-Tawil said that he befriended Halim while studying at the Institute of Music, and after that, Al-Taweel worked as a music observer on the radio, and he decided to open the way for his friend to sing on the radio, and he was not interested in composing or singing at that time, and his focus was on his responsibility as an observer of music on the radio.

Kamal Latweil pointed out that the system of work at the radio at the time was monotonous, requiring the musician to choose the singer who assigned his tunes to him, and that he asked a number of composers to assign a melody to his friend the Nightingale, but they were evading, and because he believed in the talent of his friend, he decided to compose a song for him to present with it. In the radio, especially as it used to be that no new singer joined the station unless he sang the tunes of one of its composers.

The radio committee at the time was composed of the great radio station Hafez Abdel Wahab and the musicians’ union at the time, Abdul Hamid Abdul Rahman and Kamal Al-Tawil, and the captain opposed Halim’s work as a singer, and he thought that the oboist could not be a singer, and he withdrew from the committee, but the long and Hafiz Abdel Wahhab believed in the talent of Halim, and he took all From them, he has a responsibility to introduce this new singer to the people, which prompted them to search for a name Ranan for Abdel Halim other than the name of Abdel Halim Shabana, so that people do not confuse his name with the name of his brother Ismail Shabana, who was a star on the radio at the time, and therefore they chose Abdel Halim a name derived from the name of the radio station Hafez Abdel Wahab So that the name of the Nightingale Abdel Halim Hafez, and Kamal al-Tawil put his friend the first melody to join him on the radio, and from here Kamal al-Tawil made his way as a great composer and musician after his compositions in the voice of Abdel Halim made great success, so the great singers and singers came to him to compose them, and the new voice succeeded to guide art with a brown lebanese One unique in the history of rapture.


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