WhatsApp .. Why should you avoid the new self-disappearing message feature?


Works Implementation WhatsApp is on the disappearance of the self-message feature, which has been called (Disappearing) for several months now, and in the footsteps of competing messaging applications, it seems that WhatsApp is about to implement the feature, as the application has updated the page common questions On his website.

The updated page, spotted by (WABetaInfo), reveals everything we need to know about the disappearance of messages in the popular WhatsApp application, and unfortunately the feature appears to be much less than similar features in other applications.

Perhaps the biggest blow against WhatsApp is that it’s a simple (on and off) toggle. Meanwhile, both Signal and Telegram feature customizable expiration times that vary from a few seconds to a week. More specifically, self-disappearing WhatsApp messages disappear after just seven days.

Another downside worth noting for using this feature is that the recipient’s phone automatically saves the media sent via disappearing messages anyway, and common questions note that users need to turn off the auto download function by heading to settings and then using data and storage to stop this behavior, But presumably this is required for every chat user, which makes you wonder what’s the point of disappearing messages if they don’t by default?

The FAQ section also warns that quoting a self-delete message in a reply means that the message (probably) remains in the chat after seven days, and furthermore, self-hiding messages will not actually delete themselves if they are forwarded to another WhatsApp chat with disabling Self-disappearing messages. Both behaviors are rather weird, as it is believed that even the quote from self-deletion (leaving only a reply) will be deleted and that forwarding of these temporary messages will not be possible.

The team also notes that it is possible for users to take a screenshot of a self-deleted message, instead of offering the screenshot alerts as seen in the Snapchat and Telegram app. In other words, it is better for you to use these two services and Signal if you really want more peace of mind to delete messages yourself.


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