WhatsApp makes it easier for users and launches a new storage management feature


WhatsApp is not compared to any other company except Facebook, as they are affiliated with the same name “Mark Zuckerberg”. WhatsApp is considered one of the most powerful messaging companies around the world due to its use by most countries in addition to the updates it adds continuously to facilitate the process of communication and flexibility in the application, if No less than two billion messages are sent per day.

The Facebook-owned platform has redesigned its storage management tool, making it easier for users to find and delete files that are taking up too much space on their phones.

It is assumed that WhatsApp will launch the new tool to users around the world this week, according to the company, and it will be available in the application by heading to “Settings” and then “Storage and Data” and then “Storage Management.”

The current WhatsApp tool called “Storage Usage” sorts all available chats according to the amount of space they occupy, listing the number of messages, pictures, gif files, and videos in each chat, and allowing the user to delete each category.

The current tool is useful, but it does not give users a way to browse the content they remove, which is important if you need to clear a family group chat and want to avoid deleting any important photos.

The new tool provides thumbnails of the content to be deleted, and collects this data into categories, including “Forwarded multiple times” and “Greater than 5MB”.

It will now be possible to delete only large files, or those that have been redirected multiple times.

You can also choose to sort the files in descending order of size, so that you can easily watch the long videos that take up the most space, and see a preview of any files before deciding whether to delete them or not.

Information about the new storage management tool has appeared since August, thanks to resources cached in the installation files for WhatsApp beta versions, but the tool is now official.

WhatsApp said: We have facilitated review, mass deletion of items, and free up space, and the tool will be rolled out to users around the world this week.

The platform added: We now offer easy cleaning suggestions by grouping large files and media that have been redirected multiple times, sort files by size in descending order, and provide a way to preview files before deleting them, and you can also see a preview of the media before selecting one or several items to delete.

This should make it easier for users to identify content that they do not need or want anymore, and can be simply deleted.


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