What is the relationship of the famous Lebanese artist to the death of Maradona?



The artist, Melhem Zein, criticized the Lebanese state and politicians, after the death of the Argentine player, Diego Armando Maradona, and Argentina’s declaration of official 3-day mourning.

Melhem indicated in his tweet on “Twitter” that in Lebanon, Wadih Al-Safi and Sabah had passed away, and the politicians did not mourn any of them, confirming that there is one trustee and one morning throughout the ages.

Melhem wrote: “Argentina announced the official mourning for 3 days on the death of Diego Maradona..with us, Wadih Al-Safi died, and the morning of a politician in the country died. But there is one trustee in it, and in the morning alone, over time and days. ”

Argentina announced the official mourning 3 days after the death of # Diego_Maradona … about us, here, died # Wadih_Assafi and died # Morning when a politician in the country cursed them from a lot of things in their condition, thinking about their situation more important than Wadih and morning .. Every day there is a minister or prime minister and there is ten but there is a trustee One and in the morning the unity of eternity and days

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