What is the difference between the new and old Macs from Apple?


Last week, Apple revealed at the One More Thing event, a group of new Mac devices equipped with its new “M1” processor, instead of relying on Intel processors in previous versions, as Apple revealed that this processor is the most powerful processor it has ever made. We show the most prominent differences between new and old Mac devices as follows:

Includes a new processor: It revealed that it has developed the M1 processor to improve the performance of Mac devices in a way that makes its small size and energy efficiency extremely important, and as a system in a chip (SoC), the M1 combines many powerful technologies in one chip, and features a unified memory architecture to greatly improve performance and efficiency, She added that the M1 processor is the first personal computer processor built using advanced 5-nanometer processing technology, and contains 16 billion transistors.

IOS apps will run smoothly on Mac devices Users will be able to run various iOS applications normally in the new Mac devices, which means that users will automatically be able to access the vast majority of iPhone applications in the Mac Store, but it is not clear yet how many applications in the Mac Store support operating in iPhone phones IPads.

It represents a major shift for the company:

This is the first time since 2005 that Apple will not use Intel processors in its Macs, as it now uses the ARM-based M1 processor instead, which is similar to the processor used in iPhones and iPads.

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