We publish the bold image that caused the divorce of a famous artist


Saturday, 11-28-2020
09:33 AM

When the artist is associated with a political man, this makes it necessary for her to appear conservative in line with the customs and traditions of the country, as well as that it affects her choice of artistic roles in order not to cause embarrassment to her husband.
But what happened with the late famous actress Sabah, was otherwise, which led to her divorce from one of her husbands due to a bold view on the stage.
Yesterday, the anniversary of Sabah’s departure from our world, Joe Hammoud, one of Sabah’s husbands, revealed in one of his television interviews the reason for their divorce and said that the matter goes back to one of her appearances on stage during her presentation of a play in 1971.
Sabah appeared wearing very short shorts, and at that time he was preparing for the election battle and began his rounds, so he felt that he would lose and left the stage.
The next morning, he left her and went to the elections, and neither of them saw the other until after the elections, because as a political man, he did not accept her appearance in this view, which led to a dispute between them, as this would be one of the reasons for their separation.


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