Watch .. What to do when your iPhone is stolen


Modern iPhone devices by the American company Apple offer modern technological advantages, and many people are competing to acquire the all-new Iphone 12, which was launched in the global markets during the past few days, but some owners of the famous phone may face problems of losing the phone whether it was stolen Or its loss, and most of the time the problem is due to the amount of data and personal information on the phone, as well as a group of private photos and videos that no one wants to inform others about, so many problems may occur in the event of misuse of this personal data.

Your iPhone must be secured

Modern iPhones are considered one of the most secure technological devices, as a result of the strict standards applied by Apple in the field of applications and programs allowed to be installed on the phone, so that Iphone phones clearly outperform all Android phones in the degree of safety, and as a result some people who own Apple phones depend on That famous reputation, and he forgets or forgets the importance of securing his personal account, even if it is on iPhone phones, when you lose your phone, you will know the extent of the mistake that you committed.

Steps to take when stealing your iPhone

According to a press report published by Macworld magazine, which reviews the steps that you should take immediately after discovering your iPhone was lost or stolen, which can be summarized in the following points:

  1. Enter the Find My iPhone website, which you can activate via the dedicated link.
  2. Change the password for your personal accounts.
  3. Close your personal accounts: iPhone phones offer a feature through which your account is closed, especially on ICloud, so that no one can see your data.

Security flaws in iPhones

For more security, you must follow the security steps that were explained previously, despite the strength of the IOS system in terms of security, but there are some gaps in it, a group of specialists alerted Apple earlier about 55 dangerous vulnerabilities, if they are exploited, it will allow intruders to see On the files on iCloud accounts, there were about 11 vulnerabilities that were classified as very dangerous, including a vulnerability that was discovered in the Apple Mail e-mail application, and now after following the previous steps, you can enjoy a highly secured Iphone.


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