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Watch the Milan and Lille match broadcast live today 11/26/2020 in the European League


The live broadcast of the Milan match against Lille OSC vs Milan in the fourth round of the European League and within the framework of Group H competitions, the French club Lille will host the Italian club Milan at eight o’clock only five minutes in the French city of Lille in a match in which the two clubs compete for the top of the group and the match is broadcast Directly and exclusively in the Middle East, on the first BBC Sport channel, accompanied by the voice of sports commentator Khalil Al Balushi.

The two teams enter the match and they are close in ranking and number of points, as the French club Lille occupies the first place and top of the group with seven points from the three matches he has fought so far, where he managed to win two matches, while a draw in one match was the first match of Lille in the European League against The Czech club Sparta Prague in the Czech city of Prague, where the French returned victorious with four goals to one goal, but the French club Lille tied in its second match against Scottish club Celtic with two goals to a goal and then won in its third match when it was a guest in the Italian city of Milan on the Italian club Inter Milan, where Win with 3 clean runs.

As for Inter Milan, it is ranked second, one point ahead of French club Lille, where it has six points. Inter Milan, of Italy, achieved two important wins over both Sparta Prague and Celtic of Scotland, to have six points that placed it in the second place in the group after Lille, in a strong competition between them.

Lille match card against Milan

  • 🏆 Championship: European League.
  • 🏅 Round: the fourth round.
  • 🏟️ Stadium: Pierre Morois.
  • 🎤 Voiceover: Khalil Al Balushi.
  • 📺 Conveyor channels: BN Sport 1.
  • When: 7:55 pm (GMT 2+).
  • Date: Thursday (11-26-2020).
  • The result: Night 0-0 Milan.


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