Watch … the Eastern Shoala team preparations for the launch of the first women’s league in the Kingdom today


Al-Marsad newspaper: Maram Al-Battiri, coach of the Eastern Shoala women’s soccer team, said that Corona was in the interest of the team and enabled them to have more than two months to prepare for this league.

Al-Butairi explained, in an interview with Al-Arabiya, that preparations began some time ago for the first tournament to start in the Kingdom today.

For her part, Iman Al-Zahrani, the team’s social worker, said that the psychological factor is very important for the player and gives her the ability to focus.

And narrowed: There is a simple ignorance of the importance of this aspect, how it helps the player to be mentally present.

Ghadeer Salem, the team’s player, also confirmed that the league will be for the team because there are increasing possibilities and many efforts.


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