Watch – Safinaz showcases its sensitive area in an exciting way


Dancer Safinaz shared with her followers a selfie she took from a very close distance in which her face and chest were clearly visible while she was on the sea.
Safinaz received many comments praising her beauty and coquettishness, and she is known for publishing bold photos that will entice her fans to follow her, as well as pictures of her with her friends and videos of her dance.
An indication that Safinaz revealed in a previous press interview that her father threatened to burn her if she became a professional belly dancer, as he told her: “If you dance again, I will burn you with gasoline. My father used to hate dancing and acting and thought that girls were her place at home.”
Among the remarkable statements also, was revealed during her visit as a guest on the “Al-Tarabiza” program presented by Amira Badr, that she intends to present a contest program to choose her next husband.

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