“Watch” Muhammad Ramadan receives the shock of his life before his return from Dubai to Egypt due to his embrace of the singer


Following the great uproar his photos made with an Israeli singer in DubaiThe Syndicate of Theatrical Professions in Egypt headed by Ashraf Zaki decided to stop the artist Mohamed Ramadan Finally, he will not work until he appears for investigation the first of December.

The Syndicate had sent an official summons to Muhammad Ramadan to be interrogated at the union headquarters in the presence of the members of the board of directors and the presidency of Ashraf Zaki in his capacity as a union of representatives.
The committee will investigate Muhammad Ramadan within two days after she returned from travel.
The sources clarified that the committee will have questions for Muhammad Ramadan about the method of filming and the appearance of
Shows of celebration for this said artist, which suggest that he knows him.
She said that there will be no complacency if new information is obtained about that image, especially since Ramadan denied his knowledge of this artist.
During the past hours, Ramadan has published, through his personal Facebook account, the image of the Palestinian flag, which appeared on the account cover.

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He was an Emirati Hamad Al Mazrouei The first to publish the photo, accompanied by Israeli and Egyptian artists, using the hashtag #Dubai_guns us, before deleting it after a wave of attack.
Hamad Al Mazrouei commented on the photo, saying: “The most famous artist in Egypt with the most famous artist in Israel # Dubai brings us together.”

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