Watch … Muhammad Ramadan falls on the stage and makes a fuss on Twitter


The Egyptian artist, Mohamed Ramadan, was exposed to an embarrassing situation while attending the events of the hospitality festival in Dubai, when he fell on the stage to receive his award, amid the screams of the attendees who expressed their fear of the Egyptian star.

A video of the artist Mohammed Ramadan’s fall to the ground has spread on the communication sites, while he passes the coronation podium in one of the new festivals in the Emirate of Dubai, where the video of his fall has spread very much among the pioneers of social media.

The video, due to the fall of Ramadan, while he was on his way to receive an honorary award from the “Diyafah” festival, was issued a list of the most popular topics in Egypt on “Twitter”.

And after footage taken from different angles spread through social media, Ramadan re-posted one of the clips the moment he fell, after adding part of one of his famous songs to it.

Ramadan commented, through his official account on Instagram: “Trust in God… no one signs but the boy.”


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