Watch Mona Zaki and her daughter against bullying, hold accountable for your words, my lady


The artist Mona participated ZakiHer audience and her followers, a video collected by her daughter Lee, Lee Ahmed Helmy, to announce their joining the “Account for Your Words” campaign, an initiative to combat bullying through social media pages and websites.

Lee Lee Ahmed Helmy and her mother Mona Zaki participated in the anti-bullying initiative

Mona Zaki posted the video on her Instagram account and commented on it, saying: The campaign (Account for Your Words) is an Egyptian-wide initiative to combat bullying on the Internet and encourage a community of (Instagram ) To participate more consciously, and to enable every Egyptian user to protect himself against bullying. Wait a full video of the campaign soon.

And she said inside the video: Cyberbullying is that someone enters and says his opinion, but in an insulting and painful way to the owner of the account on which this comment is written.

While her daughter told me Ahmed Helmy: “It is the right of everyone to express his opinion, but the most important need is to choose the right words that he says, without what hurts or annoys the one who says his opinion on him .. Account for your words.”

He mentions the mother of the “Hold Your Words” campaign, launched in cooperation between the National Council for Women in Egypt, the National Council for Childhood and Motherhood and UNICEF, and includes a call to society to use social platforms positively, anti-bullying tools and support resources to empower and protect users.

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