Watch .. Asala Jannat catches the eye with a dance compass at Jumana Murad’s husband’s birthday party


The Syrian artist resided Jumana Murad Her husband is a Jordanian lawyer Rabih Bseiso A party on the occasion of his birthday was attended by a large group of art stars, including the Syrian artist authenticity And the Moroccan artist Paradises And the Egyptian artist Hani Shaker And the Egyptian actress Yusra.

They were kidnapped authenticity AndParadises The eyes after their appearance and they dance together harmoniously as published Paradises The video was posted on her Instagram account, and commented on it: “I’m arriving … a great night,” and it appeared Paradises Holding the hand of Asala and singing together the song of Bint Akaber, with the participation of some artists.

The Egyptian media also published Bossy ShalabyThrough her account on “Instagram”, more than a video and photo to celebrate the birthday of the product The beauty of justiceAnd so on Rabih Bseiso Artist’s husband Jumana MuradMany photos appeared on the duo’s birthday cakes, as well as some photos of the latest dramaJumana Murad It is “betraying an era.”

The ceremony witnessed a festive atmosphere and singing by the celebrants, and there were many stars led by the artist Yusra, And the great artist Hani Shaker And his wife, Asala, and screenwriter Tamer Habib, and commented Bossy Shalaby On the videos, photos, and congratulations to each of the artist Jumana Murad وجوجها والمنتج The beauty of justice.

Jumana Murad and the attendees also appeared with Hani Shaker They sing more than one of his songs, including the new duo he collected with the artist Ahmed Saad, “Ya Bakhteh”.

And she was Jumana Murad She has been married to Rabih Bseiso In 2013, she had three children with him, where she recently revealed her two children, Ali and Diana, after the Syrian artist surprised the audience with this news, as she had not previously announced her pregnancy and her willingness to give birth, and she said to the “MBC Trending” program shown on the channel ”


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