“Watch” Al-Anoud Al-Issa reveals her “perverted” imagination while she is almost naked


Raised Saudi Al-Anoud Al-IssaAn argument among her followers, after she decided to answer their questions with “snap chatShe shocked them with her “perverted” thinking.

A follower of Al-Anoud Al-Issa asked her if she knew the song of the late Saudi artist Talal Maddah. She replied, “Talal Maddah, Rabih Saqr, Abdul Majeed Abdullah and Rashid Al Majid, I am married to them in my imagination and thank you.”

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In another question asked by a follower, he said: “As if you are Russian,” Alanoud replied: “Everyone who sees me here tells me the same thing, no one thinks that I am Saudi Arabia, I do not know why”.

Al-Anoud Al-Issa did not give up her nakedness while answering questions, and was sitting completely naked, covering her chest with only her hands. Another photo while she was bathing was accompanied by the caption: “It was burning inside.”

Al-Anoud Al-Issa led the first trend throughTwitterA few days ago, after she posted an indecent video while she was naked, through her Snapchat account.

Al-Anoud Al-Issa justified her disgraceful act by saying that she did not intend, and the video was published by mistake. And she wrote in a pamphlet: “My Lord, a clip was sent off by mistake. I was wearing it with a special dress. You should delete it.”

It is worth noting that Al-Anoud Issa is 35 years old and lives in USA After her scholarship as a student, she works in the field of fashion and has many followers on social media.

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