“Watch” after announcing his campaign … the Emirati woman model, Bader Khalaf, harassing the Saudi artist, Abdul Majeed Abdullah!


The Emirati feminist Bader Khalaf was accused of harassing the Saudi artist, Abdul Majeed Abdullah, after he harassed the Saudi artist Rabeh Saqr, where he banned him on Twitter, after Badr asked him to put a mask on the skin, to make it more beautiful.
This came after Abdul Majeed Abdullah tweeted, “I am from the rabbit group,” to which “Khalaf” answered him by saying: “When I redeemed my grandmother Al-Arnoubi, put your face mask on your skin with an unforgettable freshness.”
Abdul Majeed Abdullah has not yet taken any action against Badr Khalaf, as Rabeh Saqer did.

Badr Khalaf commented on Rabeh Saqer’s tweet, and wrote: “Morning light is my soul, cake.” So the artist banned it.

The tweeters praised Rabeh Saqr’s behavior with Badr Khalaf. Emphasizing that what he did was the most idealistic behavior in front of his controversial movements and likening him to women and his persistence in that to the point of announcing his pregnancy.

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