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Celebrated the Egyptian actress Bossi, The widow of the late Egyptian artist Nour El-SherifOn her 67th birthday, which falls on Thursday, November 26, among her family, relatives, and a number of close friends, among them the Egyptian artist, Mu’tazila Hoda Ramzy.

And publication Mai Nour SharifPictures from the ceremony on her Instagram account, including the rare appearance of L.Hoda Ramzy, Which drew the attention of the pioneers of social networking with her appearance, after a period of absence, and Mai commented, saying: “Every year, Thursday, and my mother, my beloved, are good, Lord, happy year with health and success and enlightening our lives.”

Several art stars interacted with the birthday pictures BossiAmong them is the Tunisian artist Dora, who wrote: “Happy birthday,” Amma Raniya Yousif I posted a comment that included a set of emoji of hearts, and Hind Sabry added: “Happy birthday”.

And the latest comment Mai Nour SharifThere was an argument about “Khamis,” whose name she mentioned accompanied by the name of her mother, as the comments witnessed controversy about him, so the followers thought of him Nour El-SherifAnd questions arose in this regard, so a follow-up named Samar Muhammad wrote: “Hawa Khamis, the son of the artist Nour El-Sherif Seriously ?? ”, to May respond by saying:“ Khamis Jouz, my sister Sarah. ”Then she modified the commentary on the pictures so as not to receive other questions and settle the controversy.

And the appearance of the artist sparked Hoda Ramzy After an absence for a period of time, the followers talked in the comments also, including what was said by the followers: “These are two worlds Hoda Ramzy? ”, To respond Mai Nour Sharif Certainly, she is the Mu’tazila artist, as she appeared in the picture with signs of aging.

The Egyptian media was published Bossi Shalaby, photos and a video clip from the ceremony, too, as a tribute to the artist Bossi, Which followers said that she preserves her beauty, while the Egyptian media commented, saying: “Every year, my beloved is good,” while female artists were keen to congratulate Bossi Also, among them is Rogina, who said: “Every year, the best and the best boss.”

والفنانة Bossi He was born on November 26, 1953, as for the artist Hoda Ramzy She was born in 1958 and decided to retire in 1993 and since that time she appears every now and then on special occasions.


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