Watch … a fighter almost lost a “knockout” victory due to a controversial shot


Fighter Derek Anderson was lucky to keep his victory against Brazilian Kelis Mota, after a “nearly” illegal “shot, in the Bellator 251 Mixed Martial Arts Championship (MMA).

And the American fighter directed his opponent, Mota, while trying to get up on his knees, a direct kick on his head at the end of the second round. This blow is called the “football kick”. The fighters rarely resort to it, as there is a grave risk of violating the rules and being subject to exclusion.

Anderson’s kick hit a death in the middle of his face as the Brazilian fighter was rising, but the situation happened so quickly that the match referee had to stop the confrontation because he believed Anderson had made an “illegal” mistake.

And the rules of mixed martial arts stipulate that kicking on the opponent’s head is prohibited if he touches the ground at any third point other than his feet, but Anderson’s kick came at the moment when Muta lifted one of his legs off the ground.

The match officials met before declaring the kick legal.

The Brazilian did not agree to this decision nor did he continue the fight, and as a result, Mota was deemed defeated by a “soccer kick”.

Source: twitter BellatorMMA


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