Voices mount, calling for the suspension of international football activity due to Corona


Bjorn Goldfog, head of the Norwegian Health Directorate, said that international football matches must stop due to the emerging coronavirus crisis that causes Covid disease.

Goldfog added that it is difficult to know whether the protocol followed by the European Union for the game (UEFA) is sufficient to protect players and crews, noting that this will lead to many cases of injury between teams.

And he continued in an intervention on the Norwegian radio, “NRK”, yesterday evening, Monday, that he had contacted UEFA and the Norwegian Football Association about these concerns.

The Norwegian national team canceled its match against Romania last Sunday in the European Nations League, after health authorities refused to allow the team to travel after player Omar Al-Abdoulay was injured in Corona.

On Monday, the Norwegian national team stated that it will play Wednesday’s match against Austria in the European Nations League with a backup squad.

Amid the Coronavirus regulations and travel restrictions, the team’s players were scheduled to congregate before the Austria match at a hotel at the Oslo airport, before being tested for the virus before traveling to Austria today, Tuesday, on a charter flight.

Goldfuge pointed out that there are high rates of corona injuries in Austria.

“It is understandable that a health official raises questions about the national team, as players from different clubs and countries around the world join,” said Nils Uvind Fiskketjon, a member of the Norwegian Game Federation.

He added that Norway is in compliance with UEFA rules and that a negative test result is necessary for any player to travel to Austria.

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