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11/21 00:31

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Launched vivo Today my phone (V20) And(V20 SE) Within a series of phones (V20) The all-new, which provides innovative capabilities in taking selfies, thanks to the advanced camera technology, its modern design and its integrated and powerful performance, suitable for (V20) Fast youth lifestyle.

Hyman Bau, CEO, said vivo Egypt: “We are in vivo We always care about consumers’ needs and innovations, which enables vivo To exceed our customers’ expectations. The V20 series phones are Ideal for young people who want to enjoy the distinctive modern technological features, such as the camera, smooth performance and elegant modern design, all in one device at a reasonable economical price. ”

The front camera (Eye Autofocus) of vivo (V20), with its 44 megapixels, represents a new technological revolution in its distinct capabilities for taking selfies. The lens is equipped with an Autofocus feature that provides advanced algorithms to track and focus on moving subjects. It is an ideal feature that contributes to increasing the level of contrast in images and videos while in motion, and covers a wide range of uses, including recording vlogs. Image quality has also been improved with the Steadiface Stable Selfie Video feature, which stabilizes the subject while shooting videos through a face-focused algorithm that cuts the edges of the images. These features confirm Vivo’s understanding of the common challenges that smartphone users face when taking photos and videos.

The vivo (V20) front camera is also equipped with a set of additional features that include (Slo-Mo Selfie Video), (4K Selfie Video) and (Super Night Selfie), which enhance the quality of the selfie and enable users to record their special moments. Meanwhile, the 64MP-8MP-2MP rear camera setup features a Super Night mode for the main lens, which supports the capabilities of tripod photography, wide-angle night scene photography, and Stylish Night Filter. ), To capture an ultra-clear picture in low light. The phone is also equipped with a Dual-View Video feature, to combine the images captured by the front and back cameras.

The vivo (V20) phone is lightweight, with a thickness of 7.38 mm and weighing only 170 grams, and a thickness of the (V20) (Sunset Melody) version is 7.48 mm. The AG Matte Glass design offers a soft and refined touch, and the Dual Tone Step version reflects the latest trends in young users.

Vivo introduces the V20 as a distinct design addition, and a powerful device for fast-moving users, through which they can accomplish their daily tasks using their mobile phones. The V20 is equipped with a Qualcomm® Snapdragon ™ 720G processor, and it provides smooth performance for applications and games. The 4,000 mAh battery (TYP), powered by Vivo FlashCharge technology, has great endurance and fast charging, providing a more convenient experience, allowing users to record their exceptional moments, and simplifying their lives through various usage scenarios.

The 32MP front camera on the V20 SE represents a new world of selfie technology. The device provides a set of interesting stickers and special effects, as well as easy production and sharing of photos and short videos, which satisfies the consumer’s needs for social communication through enjoyable selfie photos and videos. With the front camera feature (Super Night Mode) as well as the 48MP-8MP-2MP rear camera settings, users can take high-quality photos in low light.

The V20 SE is also distinguished by its ultra-stylish design, its light weight, with a three-dimensional glass body measuring 7.83 mm thick, to suit the tastes and needs of modern youth. The 6.44-inch FHD + OLED display is crisp, clear, making photos and videos come to life.

Vivo introduces the V20 SE as a premium design addition, and is a powerful phone for fast-moving users to perform their daily tasks. The V20 SE is equipped with the Qualcomm® Snapdragon ™ 665 processor, which enables smooth application and game performance, as well as the (Multi-Turbo No 4.X) and (Ultra Game Mode) feature that makes the V20 SE an ideal device for enjoying games. The device’s battery (TYP) with a capacity of 4,100 mAh and (33W vivo FlashCharge) technology is characterized by its large capacity and fast charging, which enables a more convenient mobile experience to record the most beautiful moments, and facilitate daily tasks with various usage scenarios. The device is equipped with (Jovi AI) assistant to meet the needs of users for an active and active lifestyle.

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