Virtual seminar to raise awareness of children’s rights – across the Emirates – news and reports


Yesterday, the General Women’s Union, in cooperation with the Supreme Council for Motherhood and Childhood, the Ministry of Interior and the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), organized a virtual seminar under the title “Protecting the Rights of the Child” within the “Know Your Rights” program, on the occasion of the celebration of the International Children’s Day, which falls on November 20 of each General, with the aim of raising awareness and promoting children’s rights, and translating them into dialogues and actions to help build a better world for children.

Noura Khalifa Al-Suwaidi, Secretary-General of the General Women’s Union, said that the UAE is committed to all international conventions and agreements approved by the United Nations regarding children’s rights and is constantly working on the advancement of this group of society that is much relied upon to support the process of civilized development in the country, noting that the holding of this symposium It came within the framework of concern for children who live on the land of this homeland, preserving and preserving their dignity, and preserving their rights, in a way that fulfills the aspirations for leadership, and confirms the important fact that concern for childhood is the usual future for further renaissance and development.

For her part, Al-Reem bint Abdullah Al Falasi, Secretary-General of the Supreme Council for Motherhood and Childhood, affirmed that the child in the UAE lives a decent life through the laws established by the state, most notably the Wadima Law, which includes several basic provisions that guarantee the rights of the child in all its aspects by following a set of strategies Legislation and appropriate means will achieve the goal that the UAE seeks to protect every child on its soil.

She said that the Supreme Council for Motherhood and Childhood continues to support joint national and international efforts to make children in the Emirates enjoy full protection and with all the rights established for them without exception, and to give them the opportunities and facilities necessary for their physical, mental, moral, spiritual and social development in a healthy, natural way.


The symposium was divided into three axes, as the first axis discussed the Child Law and Dima, with the participation of Lolwa Al-Awadi, the legal advisor to the Supreme Council for Motherhood and Childhood, while the second axis reviewed the methodology for child protection, with the participation of Lieutenant-Colonel Dana Hamid Al Marzouki, representative of the Ministry of Interior, and the last topic dealt with «child protection A societal responsibility », with the participation of Tayeb Adam, representative of the United Nations Children’s Fund to the Arab Gulf states.

Lulwa Al-Awadi praised the efforts of the national institutions concerned with motherhood and childhood, its societal role and the legal mechanisms and tools that it possesses with the aim of strengthening and developing the Childhood and Motherhood Center in the country.

In turn, Lt. Col. Dana Hamid Al Marzouki explained that the Ministry of Interior, represented by the Child Protection Center, always affirms the keenness of the wise leadership of the UAE to promote a safe environment for children according to sustainable strategies based on a correct understanding of the requirements of childhood and their right to a modern education based on inculcating authentic societal values ​​and openness to cultures Humanity, and the development of good morals while building a thought based on innovation and creativity.



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