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“Life without a woman is a dark tunnel,” as she is the spring flower and the backbone of the life of all societies in the world, and half of the society, so she was legally honored by her Creator, and legal systems were enacted to preserve her rights. Despite this, stories of her abuse are still being told, scenes of torture circulating, and demands for preserving her rights are written. And today … the world joins together during these days to stand up to those with racist male ideas and amputate “violence” that broke female heads, coinciding with the International Day organized by the United Nations to eliminate violence against women under the slogan “Turning the world into orange: Fund, respond, prevent and mobilize.” ».The spark of the Corona pandemic ignited “violence” in the bodies and souls of women during their stay with their male sisters in the “home quarantine”. The fumes of communications escalated according to the reports monitored by the United Nations, which showed an increase in all types of violence against women, especially domestic violence, which confirms their need for A global collective effort to stop that violence.

The United Nations Organization decided to launch 16 days to raise awareness of gender-based violence, and focus its campaign “Turning the World into Orange: Fund, Respond, Prevent and Mobilize” to end violence against women; On prevention and data collection that can improve services aimed at protecting women and girls, highlighting the call for global action to close funding gaps, ensuring basic services for survivors of violence during the Coronavirus crisis, strengthening prevention and collecting data that can improve life-saving services for women and girls, as well as Aims to prevent and eliminate violence against women and girls, and focus on strengthening advocacy for global action to bridge funding gaps, and ensure basic services for survivors of violence during the coronavirus crisis.

Promote the rights of Saudi women

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has attached great importance to women in promoting and protecting their rights, and has accelerated the pace to that. The package of changes recently witnessed in the Kingdom included many orders, decisions, and regulations that promote women’s rights, including the issuance of the protection from abuse system, its executive regulations, the anti-harassment crime system, the allocation of a center to receive reports of family violence, the establishment of the Family Affairs Council and the allocation of one of its committees to handle affairs woman.

The Ministry of Justice declared that the forms of family violence are anything that threatens the safety of the wife or children, their physical or psychological health, or the family’s position in an environment that may endanger it, ill-treatment or harm to the wife, sexual exploitation, material exploitation of the wife in criminality or begging, and the use of offensive words that It degrades the dignity or leads to demeaning and discrimination against the wife for any ethnic, social or economic reason. The Ministry of Resources and Development is also working to provide social protection for women of any age, and to establish a center for receiving reports against violence and abuse that receives reports of domestic violence on the toll-free number (1919 ) 24 hours a day with a fully female cadre, rapid intervention in cases of abuse, and immediate coordination with relevant governmental and civil authorities to serve victims of domestic violence in Saudi society.

The prosecution warns of ill-treatment

The Public Prosecution has warned of forms of violence against women or physical, psychological or sexual abuse or threats of it, threatening perpetrators with imprisonment for a period of no less than a month and up to a year, and a fine of no less than 5 thousand and up to 50 thousand riyals, and in case of return the penalty will be doubled , Noting that the system of protection from abuse strengthens a set of safeguards to eliminate cases of violence against women, and establishes a package of criminal procedures and penalties that are firm and strict against any violations in this regard.

It indicated that every form of violence against women or physical, psychological or sexual abuse or threat thereof committed by a person towards a woman is prohibited, bypassing the limits of his guardianship, authority or responsibility, or because of the family relationship that binds them, or A dependency, sponsorship, trusteeship, or living affiliation relationship.

Fruitful laws

Opinion writer Aisha Natto believes during her interview with “Okaz” that the laws imposed in Saudi Arabia have resulted in women’s awareness and knowledge of their rights, and the dismantling of the old social heritage that was imposed on her with his famous saying: “The woman is patient, and the girl of men is patient” even if she is subjected to verbal or physical insult.

She said, “It is painful that the parents were unintentionally helping their daughters to endure violence, by seeking patience, especially if they had children. I see that the man’s assault on a woman’s body is not a strength but rather a weakness of it.”

The businesswoman Izdihar Batobarah explained to Okaz that Saudi women were not long ago suffering from prejudice to their rights. However, the vision of the new kingdom targeted women and did justice to them and gave them what they wished and much more than they aspired to in all fields, and fair systems were enacted to protect them from those who carry Intolerant ideas against their legitimate and legal rights.

Efforts to ensure psychological stability

She also confirmed to “Okaz”, the general executive supervisor of the Takamul Initiative for Legal Aid, Manal Al-Harithi, that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is making every effort to ensure psychological, social and economic stability for its citizens, the most important of which is stopping violence against women. Providing shelter for the situation exposed to violence if needed, in addition to taking all legal measures to punish the perpetrator as stipulated in the Protection from Harm system, so the person’s refusal or failure to fulfill his duties or obligations in providing the basic needs of another person from among his family members or those who are legally responsible for him. A system providing those needs for them is considered a type of abuse that the system defined in its first article.

He added, “We have recently witnessed the increasing awareness of Saudi women in getting rid of the phenomenon of violence, dealing with the situation correctly, and taking their rights with the power of law. All this is the result of permanent and continuous awareness. The issues of violence and abuse are no longer confined to homes, but heroic stories are told.”

The regimes protected them from “violence”

The family and social counselor, Doaa Zahran, explained to Okaz that the government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has enacted laws and penalties to protect violence against women, and this is what gave Saudi women the strength to demand and defend all their rights with strict laws granted to them, as their protection did not stop in a specific social aspect, but rather The law included women as being (a mother, wife, sister, daughter ..), and she said: “There has never been a mother deprived of custody of her children .. nor a persecuted wife .. nor a sister deprived of will .. nor a battered daughter .. Saudi law protected her from All aspects of her life, to be more stable and peaceful ».

She added: “The matter remains for the woman herself, so she must educate herself and search for her rights in the party concerned with her case. Now there is no woman who has been deprived of her rights, but there is a woman who neglected and gave up her right. Then, thanks to our wise government, special bodies were appointed to report such cases and take crisis measures in a firm manner, ”indicating that there are concerned bodies to monitor the percentages of cases and reports on a monthly basis that is submitted to the party affiliated with the complaint.


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