Video .. The first comment by Ahmed Saad on the mockery of his laughter with Hani Shaker


In his first comment on the mockery of the video circulating for him with Hani Shaker while they were laughing hysterically, artist Ahmed Saad said. He is happy with the status this video has generated.

Saad said, in a phone call to the “MBC Trending” program. Which is shown on «MBC 4», today, Saturday, that «the comments obtained by this video were greater than the comments received by his new song with Hani Shaker».

“I myself publish the comics that are so popular,” he added. And he laughed at her even though she loved me But I encourage the sweet game. ”As he put it.

He explained that this video was very useful for his song with Hani Shaker. Pointing out that he decided to show himself in front of the cameras.

Saw social networking sites. During the past days. A spread of the meeting was filmed with Ahmed Saad and Hani Shaker behind the scenes of their singing of a new song entitled “Ya Bakhteh”. They laugh hysterically.


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