Video of the Lebanese artist Nicolas Mezher, I am with my sister having a relationship before marriage


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Aden – Yasmine El-Tohamy on Saturday 28 November 2020 01:28 pm – Lebanese artist Nicolas Mezher sparked widespread controversy on social media, after he released a shocking statement about pre-marital practice.

Nicola Mezher said in a TV interview on the “I am the heck” program presented by Nishan on the “Al Jadid” channel: “I do not mind my sister having sex before marriage. We are in 2020 and people are developing, and there is social media and everyone uses it.”

“Girls used to get married at the age of 13 and 14, which was a young age, but now with development, it is not fair that the 22 or 25-year-old does not test her body and her abilities,” Mazher added.

Nicolas’s statements sparked a wave of anger and criticism, so one of them wrote: “The human being develops, and as the human being develops, he must act like an animal to establish multiple relationships of love and bear according to the standards of evolution.

Another asked: “What is the relationship of the forbidden in evolution! Intercourse before marriage is forbidden in all religions. And if a pregnancy occurred and he abandons her and refuses to marry her, you blame the man and lose the right of the child who has no guilt .. This is a particular retardation and not development.

Another wrote: “Freedom has become that you license your meat.”

In this theory, Nicolas Mezher was preceded by the Lebanese actress Maya Diab, who previously said that she is with “the idea of ​​life between the girl and the young man before marriage,” confirming that she “had this experience before,” and added: “The idea of ​​cohabitation before marriage helps the parties understand each other. This is what I did with my husband before we got married. ”

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