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Tuesday 03 November 2020

I wrote – Bahira Fouda:

Director Kamel Abu Zekry spoke about the recent attack on some of the heroes of the series “100 Wesh”, accusing them of arrogance.

Kamelah said, during a telephone interview, with the journalist Syed Ali on the program of the event today, “I was the one who harassed me, not the whole group, and I wanted to warn them of my love for them. In the series in two countries, vanity reached them greatly.

Kamel added, “Vanity does not allow people to work with them. One is supposed to criticize himself all the time, we all in the end offer art.”

Abu Zikra continued: “I did not encounter a big star and he used to deal arrogantly, when he felt that I was working with a star and that he was above me by stopping him at his limit, I worked with Adel Imam, Mahmoud Abdel Aziz.”

Kamila Abu Zikra continued: “The post I wrote did not mean the entire team, considering them all my children.”

And about the possibility of working with the names nicknamed “Number 1”, “Number 2”, Kamel said: “I never work with an arrogant person.”

Director Kamel Abu Zekry attacked the heroes of her series last Ramadan, “B 100 W”, and wrote on her account on “Facebook”: “I knew, heard, and confirmed that some of the junior actors of the series (B 100 U), after the terrible success of the series, healed themselves, and vanity took hold. On their behavior. “

She added, “I want to tell you a shame, vanity is the grave of the artist, like what we said Youssef Shaheen, because you are still people who do not know your true names, and in consultation with you in the name of the character that you presented, vanity can kill you, and vanity why? Are you who originally? He is humble, and when you speak with him, he bends his head on the earth. Majdi Jacob is in majesty of his destiny, and our Lord guides.

The series “B 100 Wesh” achieved great success in the race for the last Ramadan drama, starring Asir Yassin, Nelly Karim, Mustafa Darwish, and directed by Kamila Abu Zekry, and produced by Jamal Al Adl


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